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Michael Bo Jensen

Multidisciplinary illustrator and designer living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Michael creates work for print, screen, and physical space. His main focus is on editorial illustration, brand illustration, visual identity, logo design, graphic design, typography, packaging, and murals. But you might find something more...

His personal work often examines the eternal relationship between humans and nature. Depicting the meeting between the two. Nature within the manmade urban landscape and within us, breaking free. Or the other way around, humans or manmade objects submerged within nature. Emphasizing the everlasting presence of nature's unbreakable bond most of us tend to forget and not even see in our daily lives in the city.

Michael is well known for his captivating universe, dynamic linework and eye-popping details. The style is authentic yet timeless and imbued with mystery.

After graduating in 2008 Michael worked mainly with illustration, graphic design and art direction. He made artwork for a multitude of established brands and organizations such as Volvo, Copenhagen Metro, Novo Nordisk Foundation and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.

Let´s talk
+45 6077 4446

Find my work here
Blandt Andet
Matthæusgade 21
1666 København V

Shows & Streets

NORDKAPEREN / Mural, Fisketorvet, Copenhagen

DRØMMESKIBET / Illustration, Permanent exhibition, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, Helsingør
TACO VIDA / Mural, Costa Rica

URBAN DREAMS / Mural, Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen
UTOPIA / Mural collaboration  with Yasmine Chatila, Copenhagen

THE LAST / Group exhibition, Atelier Broken Leg, Copenhagen
ANIMALIA DANIA I / Mural, Copenhagen

SNEGLZILLA / Mural, Copenhagen
NORSE CHAMELEON / Mural, Kenneth A. Balfelt Team, Under Højbanen, Vejle
CANVASCOOLER, Group exhibition, Inkonst, Malmö

ARCTIC HEART /  Mural, Copenhagen
URBAN BUZZ / Mural, Copenhagen

WEST END / Mural, Copenhagen
FEUDENTAUMMEL / Mural & Installation, PB43, Copenhagen
URBAN LIVING TREES III / Mural, Copenhagen
URBAN LIVING TREES II / Mural, Copenhagen

URBAN LIVING TREES I / Mural, Copenhagen
SOUNDCLOUD / Installation, Trailerpark Festival

ORGANIC BEHAVIOR / Solo exhibition, Darlings Artbar
WILD AT WESTEND / Mural, Copenhagen

YOUR TIME / Mural, Distortion Festival

VOODOO ART / Group exhibition, Frederiksberg Kunstmesse
SOUNDWAVES / Mural, Amager
HOUSE ROBOTS / Group exhibition, Nadsat, Copenhagen

PACHANGA / Group exhibition, Råhuset, Copenhagen
SKOLEN VED SØERNE / Mural, Frederiksberg
CROCODILE ZOO / Mural, Eskildstrup

STRINGS ATTACHED / Solo exhibition, Studenterhuset, Nykøbing Falster
ÅSTRUPCENTRET / Interior mural, Stubbekøbing
CLUB WHAT DOT / Interior mural, Copenhagen
X-HALL SKATEPARK / Mural, Copenhagen
SPOILED / Interior mural, Copenhagen

UNFAIR / Group exhibition, Copenhagen
ELEKTROCUTE / Interior mural, Copenhagen

BOTANIC WINDOW / Interior mural, Studenterhuset, Nykøbing Falster
KULTURFABRIKKEN / Mural, Nykøbing Falster
VOLVO / Mural, Nykøbing Falster

Selected Projects

Illustration / Visual Identity, Rocks For Life, Copenhagen 2019
Illustration / Visual Identity, Drømmeskibet, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, 2018
Illustration / Visual Identity, Papa Ramen, 2016
Project Manager, Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han Dynasty urn (LEGO), Exponent/Fourschou, 2016
Project Manager, Visual Identity & Signage, Copenhagen Metro HQ, Exponent, 2016
Exhibition design, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Exponent/Studio55London, 2013
Typography, Bjørn Nørgaard, Ornamental Shelves, Exponent, 2010
Project Manager, Signage, DJMX, Copenhagen & Aarhus, Exponent, 2009
Illustration, Må jeg pille ved din hjerne, Guldborgsund Kommune, 2006

Selected Clients

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, Novo Nordisk, Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, Metroselskabet, Vejle Kommune, Exponent, Faurschou Foundation, Redbull, Guldborgsund Kommune, Volvo.


Legeskibet, Editorial Illustration, Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, 2019
Cool Construction, Metroselskabet, 2016
Byens Hegn, Metroselskabet, 2014
Wild at West End, Rumkammerat, 2012
Nytt Rom Magazine, Interior article with Elektrocute mural, 2008

Education & Work

Project Manager, Signage & Decoration, Exponent, Copenhagen, 2008 - 2017
Apprenticeship, Sign Painter, PVM / TEC Copenhagen, 2003 - 2008
Founder, Colorups Studio, 2006 - Today
BA illustration, College of Arts, Nykøbing Falster, 2001 - 2003
Illustration, School of art and design, Frederiksberg, 2001
Graphic Design, TEC Roskilde, 1998 - 1999