Poster design for Drømmeskibet / The Dream Ship
A new play and learn area at Maritime Museum of Denmark.

My brief was to illustrate a paraphrase over a ship with playful maritime elements to spike the kids curiosity and inviting for a playful experience. I made two different versions for the poster brief, the client loved them equally and decided to go with both proposals.

On the first version I did a maritime map and compass-rose with length- and latitude lines inspired by vintage maritime maps. I used some simple versions of my illustrations from the museum exhibition only with black ink outline. I wanted to give it the feel of a board game with inspiration from explores and treassure hunters. Focus was to make it bright and inviting, like being close to the sea in the summer time.

On the second version i wanted to catch the atmosphere in the abyss, in a dream or being on the sea at night. To show the ambience i made a maritime dreamy pattern with my illustrations in baby blue outline instead of the black ink I originally made them with.



Developed by M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
In collaboration with Legeskibet v .Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, Gerlev Center for Leg & Bevægelse, CISC (Center for forskning i Idræt, Sundhed og Civilsamfund), Georg Stage and Sejlmager Hansens Eftf. ved Helle Barner.
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