Logo design and maritime illustrations for the new adventorous play and learn area at Maritime Museum of Denmark.
“Drømmeskibet” logo with handmade font “Elsinore” is influenced by the fifties industrial and retro signage.

The Caroussel
Illustration of Compass rose and labels for North, South, East and West.
The Compasrose it self is a caroussel for the kids to navigate in the direction they wanna go.

Drømmeskibet / The Dream Ship
Developed by M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
In collaboration with Legeskibet v .Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, Gerlev Center for Leg & Bevægelse, CISC (Center for forskning i Idræt, Sundhed og Civilsamfund), Georg Stage og Sejlmager Hansens Eftf. ved Helle Barner.
Designet by designstudio Proudlypresent.
The Dream Ship is supported by Nordea Fonden og Lauritzen Fonden.