Poster design for The Dream Ship, a new play and learn area at Maritime Museum of Denmark.

I made two different ideas for the poster brief, the client loved them equally and decided to go with both.
The brief was to illustrate a paraphrase over a ship with playful maritime elements to spike the kids curiosity and inviting for a playful experience.

On the first version I made a maritime map with a compass-rose with length- and latitude lines. I used some simple versions of my illustrations for the museum exhibition with ink outline. My inspiration was vintage maritime maps, explores and treasure hunters, and I wanted to give it the feel of a board game. Focus was to make it bright and inviting, like being close to the sea in the summer time.

On the second version i wanted to catch the atmosphere in the abyss, in a dream or being on the sea at night.
To show the ambience i made a maritime dreamy pattern with my illustrations in baby blue outline instead of the black ink I originally made them with.

“Drømmeskibet” logo and the handmade font “Elsinore” is influenced by the fifties industrial and retro signage.


Developed by M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
In collaboration with Legeskibet v .Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, Gerlev Center for Leg & Bevægelse, CISC (Center for forskning i Idræt, Sundhed og Civilsamfund), Georg Stage and Sejlmager Hansens Eftf. ved Helle Barner.
Designed by designstudio Proudlypresent.