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Michael Bo Jensen
Denmark, 1981

Independent artist and illustrator working from a studio in central Copenhagen.
Michael works with mixed media in any scale, from analog and digital illustration to printmaking, painting and murals. 

Growing up in the mid-nineties on the country side, inspired by street culture, skateboarding and graffiti, as well as everyday moments, nature and society. The style is young, bold and yet timeless, often imbued with mystery and embedded playfulness, a captivating universe with beautiful line work and alluring imagery. 

Michael collaborated with a multitude of established agencies, brands, and institutions. Recently created martitime illustrations for “The Dream Ship”, at M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, which was nominated for a Danish Design Award 2020 in the category Better Learning. He exhibited work in Denmark, Sweden and Costa Rica. 

Collaboration & Inqueries
+45 6077 4446

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Who I worked with
Le Bureau
Danish Workers Museum
Gerlev Sports Academy
Kurhotel Skodsborg
M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark
Moderna Museet Malmö
Byens Hegn
Ai Weiwei Studio Berlin
Kenneth Balfelt Team
Vejle Kommune
Fourschou Foundation
Distortion Festival
Trailerpark Festival
Bjørn Nørgaaard
Frederiksberg Kommune
Guldborgsund Kommune

NORDKAPEREN / Mural, Byens Hegn, Fisketorvet, Copenhagen V. 2019
DRØMMESKIBET / Illustration, The Dream Sip, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. 2018
ANIMALIA DANIA I / Mural, Copenhagen Ø. 2016
SNEGLZILLA / Mural, Copenhagen. 2015
NORSE CHAMELEON / Mural, Kenneth A. Balfelt Team, Under Højbanen, Vejle. 2015
ARCTIC HEART /  Mural, Copenhagen Ø. 2014
URBAN BUZZ / Mural, Copenhagen V. 2014
WEST END / Mural, Copenhagen V. 2013
FEUDENTAUMMEL / Mural & Installation, PB43, Copenhagen S.2013
URBAN LIVING TREES I-III / Mural, Copenhagen Ø. 2012
WILD AT WESTEND / Mural, Copenhagen V. 2011
YOUR TIME / Mural, Distortion Festival, Copenhagen. 2010
SKOLEN VED SØERNE / Mural, Frederiksberg. 2008
CROCODILE ZOO / Mural, Eskildstrup. 2008
X-HALL SKATEPARK / Mural, Copenhagen N. 2007
BOTANIC WINDOW / Mural, Studenterhuset, Nykøbing Falster. 2005
KULTURFABRIKKEN / Mural, Nykøbing Falster. 2005

Exhibitions & Shows
THE LAST / Group exhibition, Atelier Broken Leg, Frederiksberg. 2017
CANVASCOOLER, Group exhibition, Inkonst, Malmö. 2015
SOUNDCLOUD / Installation, Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen V. 2012
ORGANIC BEHAVIOR / Solo exhibition, Darlings Artbar, Copenhagen V. 2011
VOODOO ART / Group exhibition, Frederiksberg Kunstmesse. 2009
HOUSE ROBOTS / Group exhibition, Nadsat, Copenhagen C. 2009
PACHANGA / Group exhibition, Råhuset, Copenhagen V. 2008
STRINGS ATTACHED / Solo exhibition, Studenterhuset, Nykøbing Falster. 2007
UNFAIR / Group exhibition, Copenhagen V. 2006

Independent Artist & Illustrator, 2017 - Today
Founder & Art Director, Colorups, 2006 - Today
Graphic Designer & Project Manager, Exponent, Copenhagen, 2008 - 2017

Apprenticeship, Sign Painter, PVM / TEC Copenhagen, 2003 - 2008
BA illustration, College of Arts, Nykøbing Falster, 2001 - 2003

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